A Visit to The Barcelona Rooftop: The Up and Downside

Extra Crispy Fries and pepper chicken 😍

Let’s not mention names of those that serve soggy fries. This one was really crunchy.

The Barcelona rooftop is a site to behold. You not only get to eat under a cool atmosphere, you also get to see a magnificent view of the city of Abuja.

Downside: They don’t have a menu😱😲 .
Me: What do you have?

Waiter: It depends on what you want. .

Me: Seriously! You don’t have a menu?

Waiter: We don’t really operate a menu up here. I will find out from the kitchen and let you know.

Na wa oh @barcelonahotelsnigeria You guys should fix it👎🏽👎🏽 .

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