For the Love of Food and Friends….

So I was at the @lastgatebar last weekend with a few friends and I sure had a swell time

I will be rating their food with Stars 1 -5
5 for the highest

Chicken peppersoup, Chicken wings, Peppered beef, Yam and egg sauce, Fried rice, Special fried rice, Peppered gizzard, Gizdodo, Spaghetti stirfry, Special Jollof, Indomie with egg….

The winning meal is the Special Jollof. It tastes like Party Jollof cooked with fire wood and it is the best Jollof I have had in recent times.
The Gizdodo is also an absolute winner. Quite feeling as a portion on its own. I love plantain so it has to get a 5…

Last Gate bar is like the best kept secret in Abuja. Beautiful scenery and pocket friendly prices for their food and drinks.

My visit will be repeatedly repeated

I have done the initial tasting for you. Go try it out and tell me what you think!

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